National Symbols

Symbol is an image, sign or mark that represents some meanings else besides the meaning it is currently showing. It can be an idea, a belief, a value. A symbol can transmit or carry a message, a meaning in the simplest fashion.

An image carries many meanings.

The interesting thing is, in different cultures, in different contexts, one single symbol can be understood in many different ways. For instance, the lily flower or the fleur-des-lis is widely known as the symbol of many scouting organizations in the United States, but very few people remember that it used to be a famous ancient symbol used by the French royal families.

With this idea in mind, we have developed this blog, NATIONAL SYMBOLS, with the purpose to decode symbols of countries, nation-states around this globe. These symbols can sometimes be found easily on national flags, national emblems but sometimes are only stored in the people’s mind. Join us on this quest decoding these symbols to see the way how people around the world kept their heritages and legacies in term of history, culture, religion, nature of their own country. This is their national identity. It can be the white eagle that echoes the founding myth of heroic Polish people; it can be the unique Malay tiger living in Malaysian jungles; or it can also be the star of David holding the power of Israel people – the people chosen by God himself.

These symbols will be analized under the prism that is the culture of the mentioned country, to present all the stories and ideas that ethnic group want to deliver. This blog hope to be an interesting source of information for people around the world about symbolism tourism, history and cultural studies, in order to become “international citizens”. This blog was originally written in Vietnamese at

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